Meet the Finalists – EyeWink

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Would you like to operate your phone hands- and voice free, without even having to look at it? You soon could thanks to Essex BIG Business Boost finalist EyeWink. Co-founded by Ana Matran-Fernandez and Davide Valeriani, both of the Brain-Computer Interfaces and Neural Engineering Lab at the University of Essex, EyeWink is a wearable device […]

Little Rosa

Meet the Finalists – Little Rosa

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Little Rosa is an exciting and innovative new baby brand which has shot to prominence thanks to winning an inventing competition run by ‘The Apprentice’ winner, and fellow inventor, Tom Pellereau. Little Rosa was created by Laura Mudie in 2015 following the birth of her first child, Sienna Rose, or Little Rosa to the family. […]

Travel Able App Essex BIG Business Boost

Meet the Finalists – Travel Able App

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Having lived with a disability for four years, Chelsey Reynolds decided to develop an app that helps disabled people improve their travel experiences. Having been adamant she did not want to be defined by her disability; Chelsey set out to continue to travel independently on public transport. Her not always positive experiences laid the foundation […]

Travel Able App Essex BIG Business Boost

Meet the Finalists – Ella Vine presents the world’s first magnetic suspender belt

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Thanks to help from the Essex Innovation Programme, Ella Vine has developed a patent-pending creation – the world’s first magnetic suspender belt, which is set to revolutionise the lingerie industry. Ella’s creation improves the way the belt attaches to stockings and it is the first innovation to the suspender belt since it was first invented […]

Culvercroft Equestrian

Meet the Finalists – Culvercroft Equestrian

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Culvercroft Equestrian is run by Zoe Cain-Tyler – an international rider, judge, instructor and show organiser. In addition to teaching and clinics, she wants to expand and share knowledge and enjoyment by the use of Videos, Vlogging, Blogging and YouTube. Zoe Cain-Tyler has over 30 years experience owning and caring for horses. At the age […]

KL Ariel Fitness

Meet the Finalists – KL Aerial Fitness Studio

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KL Pole & Aerial Studio is one of the largest purpose built pole dance fitness & aerial schools in the Essex area. It offers classes for all ages and fitness levels and is a fully accessible studio catering for all, including people with disabilities. In addition to Aerial Silks, the studio also offers classes in […]

The Cheeky Panda

Meet the Finalists – The Cheeky Panda

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The Cheeky Panda have created the only available FSC 100% certified toilet & facial tissue product, fashioned from Bamboo with the purpose of providing a high quality, healthier tissue that is made from renewable resources. With business and consumer spending £1bn per year on toilet tissue, The Cheeky Panda are providing a solution that will […]

Working for Wellbeing

Meet the Finalists – Working for Wellbeing

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Working for Wellbeing has developed the only UKAS and OFQUAL certified training courses to combat workplace stress. Many employees can feel under pressure and stressed in the workplace, but Working for Wellbeing provide a solution that equips employers with the correct skills to ensure that the work place is a healthier and happy environment. Employee […]

Deersbrook Farm PFLA

Meet the Finalists – Deersbrook Farm

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A farming family hailing from the Essex Countryside, Deersbrook Farm are producing the only PFLA certified 100% grass fed, native beef in East Anglia. With Jamie Oliver and the food revolution behind the PFLA, it is guaranteed to ensure that this style of farming greatly benefits the environment, livestock and farmers themselves. “Farming is a […]

Spark Technology

Meet the Finalists – Spark

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Spark is an innovative technology company providing software to help extend the mile range of electric cars by up to 20%! Using a monitoring device combining wirelessly with the Spark application, which has already attracted investment from the Low Carbon Innovation fund, Spark provides a personalised vehicle range by assessing current factors including temperature and […]