Entry Guidelines

How to Enter the Big Business Boost

The Big Business Boost is open to all business based in Essex employing no more than 15 people (including the business owner). The competition will be split into the following four categories:

  • The BIG Business Boost Award – the overall award for Essex’s most innovative business
  • The Young Entrepreneur Award – for business owners aged from 16 to 30 years of age
  • The Women in Business Award – for the county’s most innovative female-led businesses
  • The Disability Entrepreneur Award – Eligible to Essex-based individuals with a disability (physical, sensory, learning disability or difficulty, autism and mental health), with a great commercially sustainable business or business idea.

It is easy to enter the Big Business Boost, simply fill in and submit the Online Entry Form.

What to say about your business?

Section 1 is simple – just fill in your business name and contact details (including your Essex address!) and select which of the four categories above best applies to your business.

Section 2 is your chance to tell us what’s special about your business, and why you should win the competition!

  • Section 1: Outline your idea and its business potential in 50 words
  • Section 2: Describe the challenges and obstacles facing your business that the Big Business Boost will help you overcome in 150 words
  • Section 3: Tell us how you will maximise the value of the business support and monetary awards on offer to overcome these obstacles in 100 words
  • How to make your business stand out? Here are our tips for entry;

    A hundred businesses will win with the Big Business Boost, and every business to enter will be referred to their local enterprise agency for business support. But with a prize worth thousands for the winning businesses, it’s worth making your entry the very best it could possibly be. Here are some tips on what the BBB judges will be looking for;

    • We are looking for the business which will gain the most, or receive the biggest boost from the support available via the competition. Tell us how you would use the support to boost your business!
    • In the initial entry forms we are therefore looking for businesses and business ideas that demonstrate real potential for development and growth
    • An exciting, innovative business idea or raw concept with real potential is more important to us than business know-how
    • Is your business ready to take off, but need that extra support or funding? The Big Business Boost is about providing the resources you’re currently lacking.
    • Are you looking to launch a new project? Or invest in the potential of the people in your business? We want to help you take your business into orbit.
    • Grab our attention! You have 300 words – use them wisely to highlight the most exciting areas of your business.


    Guideline Notes for completing the Entry Form:

    Section 1:  Please ensure you complete all sections and check that you meet the criteria for entering the competition. Any entry that fails to meet the criteria will not be eligible for the competition and the entrant will be advised accordingly.

    The deadline date for submitting your entry is Sunday 31st July 2016. Any submissions received after this date will not be eligible.

    Section 2 - This part is vital to your progression. It needs to be exciting; if it is not the chances of the competition entry judges reading beyond this point is greatly reduced.

    You need to capture our imagination and interest, so please spend some time thinking about this. Is your business idea new or innovative? Is it something that benefits the community or addresses the needs of disadvantaged people? Is there, perhaps, an eye-opening statistic that your business idea relates to and will impact upon?   It needs to be something that grabs our attention and makes us want to find out more.

    Section 3 We want to know why being part of this competition is important for you and how you intend to make the business support and monetary awards work for you. How will you leverage this value and maximise it for the benefit of your business?

    Remember, you have only 300 words, so think about using bullet points or other ways to get your message across succinctly as you can. Avoid unnecessary detail and convey to us only what’s really important about your idea, how you will meet your challenges and how you will utilise the support you gain through the competition.

    If your entry takes you through to the next level there will be additional opportunities to tell us more.

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Funded by the Essex Innovation Programme and delivered by the region’s Business Support Agencies, the Big Business Boost will allow ECC to ensure the county’s most exciting business ideas, concepts and potential find the resources they need to help to develop into the successful businesses of tomorrow and help Essex continue its proud entrepreneurial tradition.

"The Essex Innovation Programme works with established companies and small businesses to help them to develop, and take to market, innovative products and services. Find out more at www.essexinnovation.co.uk"