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Would you like to operate your phone hands- and voice free, without even having to look at it? You soon could thanks to Essex BIG Business Boost finalist EyeWink.

Co-founded by Ana Matran-Fernandez and Davide Valeriani, both of the Brain-Computer Interfaces and Neural Engineering Lab at the University of Essex, EyeWink is a wearable device that allows users to interact with other technologies, such as their smartphones, through eye winks and voluntary blinks.

Utilising innovative technology based on brain-computer interfaces, EyeWink is a wearable device that allows users to control their smartphone with winks.

Co-founder Ana, a Senior Research Officer, explains the invention and its possibilities; “EyeWink has been under development for a year, and is ready for the final tweaks before we can start production and reach the market. Once it is ready, EyeWink users will benefit from hands- and voice-free control of their smartphone and, soon, other devices, like wheelchairs. The technology behind EyeWink creates possibilities for people with dexterity issues or mobility impairments, such as people with Parkinson’s, amputees and paraplegics to regain control of their lives. We think EyeWink could change the lives of thousands of people.”

Ana and Davide also have maintain a strong focus on the mainstream possibilities created by EyeWink. The product is in design to allow people to change the music on their phone, and even alert drivers in danger of falling asleep, and hope to use the BIG Business Boost to help them create contacts with manufacturers and launch a marketing campaign and take the product to market.

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