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Travel Able App Essex BIG Business Boost

Having lived with a disability for four years, Chelsey Reynolds decided to develop an app that helps disabled people improve their travel experiences.

Having been adamant she did not want to be defined by her disability; Chelsey set out to continue to travel independently on public transport. Her not always positive experiences laid the foundation for her business idea, Travel Able App.

Aiming to create a business purely run by individuals with a disability, Chelsey’s plan is to produce a custom-made service for disabled people, by people that completely understand the struggle because they themselves have experienced it. “This is the key element missing from assisted travel services currently available,” says Chelsey, which have been created by people who do not have firsthand experience of travelling with a disability.

Travel Able App will put Essex on the map for its pure disability focused incentives and commitments, aiming to change the lives of disabled people wishing to live an independent and limitless life.

Chelsey is hoping the Essex BIG Business Boost will help her turn Travel Able App into the “go-to disability assistance tool’’ which has the potential to “change lives.”

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